Our Team

Akron Snowmen wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for our dedicated and hard-working crew. Our team is out before, during, and after the storm to ensure your property remains clear and safe.

Management Team


Rod Costa

Rod has been in the snow removal business for more than 20 years. With his expertise in storm prediction and preparation and the attention to detail he instills in his snow management team, he is the glue that holds Akron Snowmen together. His favorite part of being a business owner is the people he works with.


Kristi Ensminger

Kristi has been in snow removal for 6 years. She is the primary contact for customer-related concerns before, during, and after the storm, but also enjoys her long and quiet nights in the plow truck.


Josué Rodríguez

Josué (Ho-Sway) has been a part of our snow removal team for 3 years. From pre-season bid writing to team management during the storm, he is involved in many aspects of snow removal. At 37, he still gets a kick out of sledding once the storm is over.

Plow Crew


Our experienced plow truck drivers and machine operators work tirelessly for the duration of each storm to ensure employees and customers remain safe while on your property. We take our job seriously, and have taken time to study and train on best snow removal practices and techniques. We also record and log our services in real-time on each property, so there’s never a question about the work we perform.

Walkway Crew


Regardless of the weather conditions and duration of the storm, we have a committed crew of shovelers and snow blower operators working “in the thick of it” to keep walking surfaces free of ice and snow. Our team is ready at a moment’s notice and can handle any depth of walkway accumulation, which they often ensure is long-gone well before your alarm goes off.